Why “Flak Magnet” as a pseudonym?

I chose it in 1998 shortly after finishing my enlistment in the army.  I was playing Quake online a lot and getting pretty much owned harshly as more experienced players who knew the maps, certain tricks and who were just better than I was showed me how the game was to be played.  😉

After running through some nicknames that were… uh… less than appropriate for mixed company I settled on Flak Magnet.  I thought I was terribly clever for coming up with it, and the dark humor aspect of it appealed to me.

After a few months I googled Flak Magnet and learned that back in WWII more than a couple bomber crews had the same dark sense of humor.  Google it yourself; from nose art to simple titles, several bombers were named “Flak Magnet”.  Well, they didn’t have the same dark sense of humor… their sense of humor was MUCH darker than mine.  After all their lives were on the line, not just a wait to respawn in a game.